Interview with Cashmere (WA) High School Quarterback, Casey Ruether

Casey Ruether was a three-year starter and lead his team to the State Semifinals in 2013 at Cashmere (WA) High School.  This interview demonstrates the thought process of the Elite Triple Option High School Quarterback:

1- What are the major coaching points on executing the Triple Option as a Quarterback?
Casey: I would have to say getting the steps done before anything. Get the feet going and then the mind will be at ease which will allow for a better read.
2- What are the major coaching points on executing the Midline Option as a Quarterback?
Casey: The key is getting out of the way of your Fullback, once you got that established train your mind to find the key read every play.
3- What are the major coaching points on executing the Triple Option Pass as a Quarterback?
Casey: All of these plays start with footwork. By the time you reach the end of your drop you should have gone through your progression, but be patient if nothing opens up you’re a running QB so go for it.
4- What is the most important thing you learned as a Triple Option Quarterback at Cashmere?
Casey: The most important thing I learned was that I was never going to be perfect. Every game I will miss reads but it’s important to have a short memory and get it right the next time. Also to carry out fakes because you never know how many defenders you will take with you. 
5- If you had to coach football in the Triple Option Offense, what points would you get across to all the players in your program?
Casey: Speed kills and fundamentals dominate. I would instill in my kids that this offense is beautiful when ran correctly and anyone can do it, as along as there are fundamental and stick to the game plan because it’s a beautiful offense and it will win games. 

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