The Absolute Minimum of What Your A-Backs Coach Needs to Know about the Triple Option

Here is the minimum of what your A-Backs Coach needs to know about the Triple Option:

A-Backs Coach

Alignment: one yard behind the Offensive Tackle, inside foot is on the Offensive Tackle’s outside foot.

Stance: forearms resting on the inside of the thighs, inside foot slightly back with toes dug into the ground.

Key: Playside- #3; Backside- Quarterback

Assignment: Playside- #3; Backside- Pitch

Technique: Playside- Arc to Load #3; Backside- Hammer step – drive – run five yards behind the Quarterback – take three lateral steps – turn up at 45 degrees – catch pitch with palms facing the Quarterback – tuck the ball with four points of pressure and playside fingertips on nose of ball – hit the seam – score.

This is the minimum of what they need to know.  Also, they need to know to correct EVERY mistake in alignment, stance, key, assignment, and technique.  If they lack energy to do it, they lack positive coaching!

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