Hollis (OK) Goes From 2 Wins in 2021—to 8 WINS and the Second Round of State Playoffs After their 2022 Camp with Dr. Cella

Hollis (OK)

In 2021, Hollis (OK) finished 2-6.

In 2022, after running their Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella, Hollis (OK) won 8 games, went to the second round of the Oklahoma State Playoffs, and averaged over 400 yards/game of offense.

“I had Dr. Cella come in and do a camp in mid July.  The camp simplified some things we were already doing, and got the kids on the same page.  We changed our terminology to what we used in camp.  Our play book became streamlined, and we worked rep after rep against all different defensive scenarios,  it didn’t really matter what we saw defensively we had worked against that front and the kids were confident in what they were doing.  It helped us tremendously on defense also, because an 8 minute drive became common for us.  We committed to running the ball out the flex and taking what the defense gave us.  Offensively we averaged over 400 yards a night and when you can do that you are a hard team to beat.” 

Trent Shelby– Head Football Coach


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