How Wyman King Academy (SC) Dressed 14 Players for the Majority of the Season & Went to the State Championship

The following is some of our information related to this topic from this past season:

We dressed 14 players for the majority of the season (one player quit after 2 games and we moved our 8th grade players up during the postseason). 

Of those 14, 7 different players scored a touchdown. And none of those were “manufactured” by getting to the goal line and then playing a player out of position just to score a touchdown. 

6 of those 7 scored 5 or more touchdowns.

We had 528 rushes and 36 receptions on the season. Total of 564 “touches”.

The same 7 players accounted for all 564 touches. The lowest number was 5, but above him was a player with 39 and the other 5 players had 80 or more touches. 

I think the takeaway for us, and especially small schools like us, is that if you practice running the plays all week from the QB, A back, B back, and TE positions you can expect to see the ball on a Friday night.”

— Dennis Gibson, Offensive Coordinator


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