Empower Your Players & Coaches #tripleoption

The Academy & Camps

Empower your players and coaches to be their best.

The Triple Option Football Academy represents the height of performance-enhancement education in football, and the ultimate goal is for you to create actualization, awareness, self-mastery, and peak experience for your people.

Triple Option Football Academy Camps create the elite-performance environment to make all your people drastically more effective.

You can view testimonials and success stories from Dr. Cella’s clients—RIGHT HERE.





(specific academies for 11-man, 8-man & 9-man)


▪ Online Classroom

▪ Webinar

▪ On-Call Support 24-hours/Day

Online Camp 

(Your camp run at your school with your players and coaches.)


▪ Online Classroom

▪ Webinar

▪ Camp via Online Broadcast System

▪ On-Call Support 24-hours/Day

In-Person Camp

(Your camp run at your school with your players and coaches.)


▪ Online Classroom

▪ Webinar

▪ In-Person Camp with Dr. Cella

▪ On-Call Support 24-hours/Day

*$3997 (in Texas, Mountain, and Pacific Time Zones)

Online Classroom

✓ 2023 Triple Option Football Academy 3-Step Clinic.

✓ 100+ hours of camp video.

✓ Installation Clinic Library (2014-Present).

✓ Practice Scheduling for Elite Triple Option Offensive Performance.

✓ Interactive Playbook.

✓ Dr. Cella’s State Championship-Level Clients’ Game Video.

✓ Training Camp Mastery Plan.

You have access to these resources for the next two years, and Dr. Cella is on call 24-hours/day for you.


Dr. Cella does the Q&A with you and your coaching staff.

Triple Option Football Academy Camp

The 3-day camp is run with you, Dr. Cella, your players, and your coaches at your school.

Camp Schedule

Day 1- Zone Dive

Day 2- Midline Triple Option and Trap

Day 3- Triple Option Passing Game (Vert/Switch/Titan), Down, and Rocket

Go here for other Frequently Asked Questions.

Connect with Dr. Cella at 570.332.0265 to become a client today.


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