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Final Navy Offensive Analysis for 2018

Navy ran 852 plays in 2018.

  1. Triple Option- Run 160 times and this was 19% of their offense.
  2. Zone/Speed Option- Run 136 times and this was 16% of their offense.
  3. Triple Pass- Run 85 times and this was 10% of their offense.
  4. Zone Dive- Run 81 times and this was 10% of their offense.

These four concepts were run 36 times/game.  The average high school football game consists of 48 plays/game, so these four concepts would be 75% of the high school offense.

Other concepts run:

Midline Triple Option- Run 67 times and this was 8% of their offense.

Counter Option- Run 43 times and this was 5% of their offense.

Rocket- Run 41 times and this was 5% of their offense.

Follow- Run 39 times and this was 5% of their offense.

Trap- Run 33 times and this was 4% of their offense.

  • Navy ran the ball 83% of the time and 80% of their yards came from running the football.
  • They scored in the Red Zone 91% of the time (8th in FBS).
  • Navy attempted 56 rushes/game and averaged 259 yards rushing/game.
  • They averaged 17 yards/completion (4th in FBS).

2018 Army Black Knights now hold the FBS single-season record for 4th Downs Converted

After their Triple Option Football Academy Camp, Sargent Goes to the First Round of the Colorado Class A State Playoffs

In 2018, Sargent had an 8-1 regular season and made it to the first round of the Colorado State Playoffs.  They did this with a roster of 25 players.

“We asked Dr. Lou Cella to come in and do a camp with our team and he absolutely delivered!  We were able to add a new dimension on offense and had another successful season with many new players in new positions.  Lou brought energy and excitement, and we look forward to see what next season will bring with this new system.”

— Trevan Pepper, Head Football Coach

Evaluating Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech’s 2537 Offensive Plays That They Have Run through 37 Games (2018)

Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech have run 2537 Plays through December 8, 2018 (combined 37 games).

On average, Army, Navy, and Tech run these three concepts 31 times/game and 45% of Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech’s Offense through 37 games and 2537 plays are the following:

  1. Zone/Speed Option (all variations)- 448 (18% of offense)
  2. Triple Option- 384 (15% of offense)
  3. Zone Dive- 308 (12% of offense)

These two concepts are run 7 times/game and 10% of Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech’s Offense through 37 games and 2537 plays are the following:

4. Rocket- 127 (5% of offense)

5. Triple Pass- 122 (5% of offense)

Other Plays Run:

Follow- 114 (4% of offense)

Zone Belly- 110 (4% of offense)

Trap- 94 (4% of offense)

Midline Triple Option- 93 (4% of offense)

Counter Option- 86 (3% of offense)

Midline Double (All variations)- 78 (3% of offense)

Torrey’s Story

In 2016, Pamlico County (NC) won two (2) games and scored 108 points.

In 2017, after hosting a Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella, Pamlico County won nine (9) games and made it to the North Carolina Class 1A State Quarterfinals–all while scoring 508 points.

In 2018, Pamlico County goes 13-1 and is playing for the North Carolina Class A State Championship on Saturday, December 15th, at Duke University.  Currently, Pamlico has 31 players on the team, 12 of which are freshmen.  They have scored 611 points in 2018 and are averaging 44 points/game.

“The Triple Option Academy was huge for us as a program here at Pamlico County High School. Teams that thrive at the 1A level run system based offenses and that’s what the Triple Option Academy gave us. Dr. Cella came out and worked with my players and myself.  Dr. Cella helped put the system in place for us while we were in our spring football period. Offensively we went from scoring a total of 108 points in 2016 to scoring 508 points in 2017. The Triple Option Academy played a huge role in points scored for us. I am super excited to see what the future has in store for us in the second season of running this new offense.”

— Torrey Nowell, Head Football Coach, after his 2017 season.

Side note: Torrey has been displaced from his home since Hurricane Florence occurred in Mid-September.  Read all about Torrey’s current situation right here.

2018 Army Triple Option Offensive Breakdown v. Navy

Army- 17 v. Navy- 10

Total Plays Run- 59

63% of Army’s Offense was the following:

Zone/Speed Option- 12

Zone Belly- 8

Zone Dive- 7

Trap- 6

Triple Option- 4

Other Plays Run:

Midline White- 1

Stretch Boot Pass- 2

Zone Belly Counter- 1

Triple Pass- 3

Dropback Pass- 4

Zone Option Pass- 2

Q Draw- 1

Zone Option Reverse- 1

Midline Lead- 2

Midline Triple- 1

Down- 2

Counter Keep- 1

Sneak- 1

2018 Navy Triple Option Offensive Breakdown v. Army

Navy- 10 v. Army- 17

Navy Total Plays Run- 53

70% of Navy’s Offense was the following:

Zone/Speed Option- 8

Dropback Pass- 8

Zone Dive- 6

Rocket- 5

Triple Pass- 4

Triple Option- 3

Trap- 3

Other Plays Run:

Zone Belly- 1

B-Toss Reverse Throwback- 1

Midline White- 2

Sweep Pass- 1

Jet- 1

Sprint Out- 2

Midline Triple- 1

Zone Option Reverse- 2

Cowboy- 1

Sneak- 2

Sprint Draw- 1

Sweep Reverse Throwback- 1