Create the Elite-Performance Environment

Getting kids to invest in anything is harder than ever. They have more distractions now than any time in recent history. Twitter is littered with head high school football coaches who continually post to motivate their players (and their parents) to commit to the weight room by using a wide variety of strategies.

The MAJORITY of my clients who come to me, face this battle, and want to know how to overcome this and thrive.

Army, Navy, and Air Force don’t have a FBS offer player on the roster—yet create an FBS team EVERY YEAR, beat most other FBS schools, and they do this with an offense that continually proves to be time-tested and infallible. They will NEVER be stronger and faster than their FBS competition, but yet they constantly produce winning teams.

My job as a Sport and Performance Psychologist is to teach you this offense so that you can playcall, install, practice, and win NOW just like Army, Navy, and Air Force.


so that you NEVER have to chase kids to be in the weight room ever again, because you’re going to put 11 skill kids on the field, win now, and here’s how:

Create the elite performance environment. 

Playcall, Install, and Practice Army, Navy, & Air Force’s Modern Flexbone Triple Option Offense

The Right Way the First Time

Through Sports Science & Mental Conditioning Procedural-Based Practices.

Academy (specific academies for 11-man, 8-man & 9-man)$997✓ Online Classroom
✓ Webinar
✓ On-Call Support 24-hours/Day
Online Camp (Your camp run at your school with your players and coaches.)$1997✓ Online Classroom
✓ Webinar
✓ Camp via Online Broadcast System
✓ On-Call Support 24-hours/Day
In-Person Camp (Your camp run at your school with your players and coaches.)$2997*✓ Online Classroom
✓ Webinar
✓ In-Person Camp with Dr. Cella
✓ On-Call Support 24-hours/Day

*$3997 (in Texas, Mountain, and Pacific Time Zones)

Online Classroom

✓ 2021 Triple Option Football Academy 3-Step Clinic.

✓ 100+ hours of camp video.

✓ Installation Clinic Library (2014-Present).

✓ Practice Scheduling for Elite Triple Option Offensive Performance.

✓ Interactive Playbook.

✓ Dr. Cella’s State Championship-Level Clients’ Game Video.

✓ Training Camp Mastery Plan.

You have access to these resources for the next two years, and Dr. Cella is on call 24-hours/day for you.


Dr. Cella does the Q&A with you and your coaching staff.

Triple Option Football Academy Camp

The three-day camp is run with Dr. Cella, you, your players, and your coaches at your school.

Camp Schedule

Day 1- Zone Dive, Zone Kick & Zone Option

Day 2- Midline Lead & Midline Triple Option

Day 3- Triple Option; Triple Option Passing Game (Vert/Switch/Titan); Freeze; Playcalling, Installing, Practicing & WINNING with the Flexbone Triple Option Offense

Dr. Cella has empowered hundreds of coaches and football programs with the Triple Option Offense.  If you are interested in becoming a client, connect with Dr. Cella at 570.332.0265.