Can’t Get Kids to Lift? Let Me Help

The most common error in weight loss is in an incorrect sequence. It’s not “lose weight to get healthy,” it’s “get healthy to lose weight!”

This is because losing unwanted fat depends on getting healthy. —Dr. Eric Berg

Jimmy Woods and his Timmonsville (SC) program went from 1-9 to the state semifinals just MONTHS after camp with Dr. Cella.

The most common error in winning high school football games is “You don’t get kids to lift to win—you win to get kids to lift.”

This is because many players don’t invest their time until on-field results are achieved.

Over the last decade, high school head coaches constantly come to me with this very problem, and the solution is ALWAYS the same—read your way out to a better life with Air Force, Army and Navy’s Triple Option Offense.

I’ve produced state champions, gotten clients to state championship games, and created drastic turnarounds in just a few months. You can read the full list at

The camp is run right at your high school. If you’re interested in learning more, go to and then call me at (570) 332-0265.