Triple Option Secrets Ch 3 of 5: Expert Secrets

I sat down one time, in my tiny office, doing the math, and trying to figure out how coaches can support themselves when teaching. Me, how could I support myself as a coach? (That’s not even going into the mental gymnastics of moving every 3-4 years!)

I know most coaches make about $50,000 per year. (My estimate may have been low or high; I know location makes a huge difference.) Between practice, games, travel, planning, and teaching well, it’s not a large per-hour number.

It gets worse if you aren’t winning most of your games.

But, the craziest part is that winning coaches don’t spend more time planning, teaching, and doing than the losing coaches. And at the end of the season, the winning coach isn’t worried about being fired for losing.

Winning isn’t luck of the draw. It isn’t dependent on the other team, your kids, or equipment. Winning coaches create a strategy that works and then use this strategy at the right time over and over again!

That’s when I realized, I didn’t just want to make one team great… I wanted to make as many teams great as I could.

And, so that’s what I did…

In my first year, I taught three other schools my secret. And they won!

And let me tell you–the next year they won again–and I taught five more. They won too.

And I did all this by focusing on ONE thing…

Using the right strategy the right way!

Would you like to know what this strategy is?

If you haven’t already done it, go and watch the video online that will show you how this one tip has made more successful teams than just about anything else I’ve done in the past.

Go check it out, and let me know what you think.

It’s all part of the Triple Option Academy. And in the live Camps, I teach it to you and make sure you get all the details.


Dr. Lou Cella

PS: Next week I want to show you a few hidden benefits that this camp will give you.  These are benefits you probably don’t even know exist. (Like not having to move around every few years!) Look for that email next week!