Triple Option Secrets Ch. 4 of 5: The Hidden Benefits

When I first started educating coaches and players on the triple option offense, I was concerned because I didn’t have many testimonials, success stories, or anything…

I just knew that what I showed people worked, and I wanted to share it.

But, what caught me off-guard was how helping people get what they want in life actually changed the quality of my own life.

Sure, teams won, and I made money, BUT… more importantly, each person I helped opened up new doors. Through my business, I’ve met coaches, kids, and teams that later became stars.

But, the REAL hidden benefit has been the fulfillment I get when I see one of the coaches and kids change his life. And that is what this business really is about for me, and I’m guessing if you’re here, then it’s probably the same thing for you too.

If so, then you NEED to sign up for my Triple Option Academy Football Camp. Typically, this runs $2,900 for me to come out to you, but I am going to do something really cool for you with it:

I’m giving you the online Triple Option Football Academy with all the videos, 24-hour/day on-call support, and interactive playbook FREE!

That’s right – you get the in-person camp and the online support to make sure you really understand all the details.

I promise you’ll learn the secret skills, so you don’t have to worry about blocking the biggest guy and the easy ways to fool them into making mistakes. It won’t matter what string you have playing offense or defense because it’s the system that matters.

If you‘re looking for a “work smart and build an awesome system,” then, I’m your man!

Does that sound more than fair?

Good – then go reserve your place for this summer here:

Better yet, call me directly: 570-3320265


Dr. Lou Cella