Triple Option Secrets Ch 1 of 5: Army’s Offensive Secrets Exposed

Hey, this is Dr. Lou Cella, and I want to officially welcome you to my world.

About 26 years ago, I started teaching the Triple Option to kids. This little hobby became my obsession, and helping kids became my passion. And let me tell you, it didn’t hurt my ego to know I took mediocre teams and turned them into state champions.

I started teaching all over the country the very same techniques used by the Army and Navy to win. And not just win, dominate the field. And to win the game when the other side is bigger and nastier.

This business benefits me and the teams I help. And, I want to help your team. My goal is to give away a better football system than what other people charge an arm and a leg for. Because that’s part of my mission.

In fact, next week I’m gonna do just that. I’m going to let you go through one of my best videos for free – and then ONLY pay me if you think it’s worth it…. BUT only if you open the email when it comes…

Yes, you heard me right

I want our relationship to start out great…

So, I’m going to WOW you with this video and what you can learn that you’ll feel obligated to buy stuff from me in the future (just kidding… kinda).

Sound good?

Great, then look for that email next week.


Dr. Lou Cella

PS: The subject line is Triple Option Secrets Ch 2 of 5: The Day My Education Failed Me