h1a1_k_ins_6_13_mark_and_student“The biggest thing for us is that it gave our kids the opportunity to work together in our offensive system before the season started–the techniques and fundamentals they learned was so big, so was the team bonding, and so was having an outside source (Lou Cella) teaching them–this was invaluable.”

-Mark Kirchhoff, Falls City (TX) Head Coach, who scored 608 points in 15 games, won their first regional championship in school history, and won their first state championship in school history.

coachhahn“We were already committed to the triple option, but the camp brought a much higher level of focus and understanding to our team, both players and coaches. Now when we tell our kids to ‘trust the system’ they know what we’re talking about.”

-Marshall Hahn, Bayfield (CO) Head Coach, who had an undefeated regular season for the first time since 1996 and advanced to the state championship game in Colorado after their camp with Dr. Cella.

Cashmere (WA) Head Football Coach, Phil Zukowski. Cashmere (WA)- went to the state semifinals just months after their Triple Option Camp with Dr. Cella.“Coach Cella is a master teacher. He moves fast, is articulate and extremely knowledgeable. We are so impressed with Lou that we will have him back again this summer to run our camp.”

-Phil Zukowski, Cashmere (WA) Head Coach, who broke the school record for rushing yards, broke the school record for total offensive yards, and went to the class A state semifinals after their camp with Dr. Cella.

Dr. Jimmy Woods“We also concluded that by the time we visited colleges, bought DVDs, playbooks, and sent players to college camps to gain skills, we would have invested many times the cost of the camp. The cost effectiveness of the system coupled with its immediate impact and continued collaboration from the association made the camp an easy decision for us that has already paid big dividends and will continue to pay off in future seasons.”

–Dr. Jimmy Woods, Timmonsville (SC) Head Coach, who went from 1-9 to the South Carolina Class A state semifinals in one year after their camp with Dr. Cella.

Piedra Vista (NM) Head Football Coach, Jared Howell. Piedra Vista (NM)- went from 3-7 to the state quarterfinals just months after their Triple Option Camp with Dr. Cella.“In 2012, we averaged 38 points a game and 400 yards of offense, finishing the year 9-3 after losing in the state quarterfinals. We also notched wins against a team our school had never beaten before and defeated the 2011 defending state champions.”

-Jared Howell, Piedra Vista (NM) Head Coach, who went from three (3) wins to nine (9) wins and to the New Mexico Class AAA State Quarterfinals in one year after their camp with Dr. Cella.

1442419687_titans_odessaharrington_boys_varsity_football_fall_15-16“Not only is Dr. Cella a master at teaching the proper fundamentals of the triple-option, he also impressed upon our team a mental toughness that is essential in having success on and off the football field. Our camp was a great success and Dr. Cella is truly dedicated to turning programs into champions.”

–Jeff Nelson, Odessa-Harrington (WA) Head Coach, who averaged 46 points/game, made it to the second round of the Washington State Playoffs, and did all this with a roster of 20 players after their camp with Dr. Cella.

chris“Lou came out to Hollister, California and put on a great camp for our team. Our players had the opportunity to work together to learn the flexbone offense in the summer months preceding our football season, and having Lou, who is truly an unparalleled expert in this field, work directly with our players was simply invaluable. In addition, Lou provided our entire coaching staff with an intensive, exceptional on-the-field clinic. I give a tremendous amount of credit for our 2011 UNDEFEATED LEAGUE SEASON to Lou!”

–Chris Cameron, Hollister San Benito (CA) Head Coach, who won the TCAL Conference Championship, went undefeated in conference play, and made it to the CIF Division 1 Quarterfinals after their camp with Dr. Cella.

george“Lou came to us in 2013 and helped us simplify the offense and allow our players to be successful, ending with 9 – 2 record last season. The Triple Option Football Academy (2014) and camp Lou directed allowed us to improve the techniques at each position on the field, improving us at each position. We are very thankful for making the investment in Lou’s Triple Option Football Academy Camp.”

-George Bacalles, Corning (NY) Head Coach, who went to the New York Class AA state quarterfinals after their camp with Dr. Cella.

581919_4639395098513_45652053_n“Lou did an outstanding job at the camp I personally consider him one of my closest friends because he is always available to help. He does such a great job of installing fundamentals and mechanics. This was the first 11-win season in school history so remember ‘old dogs can.”

-Alan Ingram, Seminole County (GA) Head Coach, who broke the school record for wins in a season and advanced to the Georgia Class A state quarterfinals after their camp with Dr. Cella.

chris collins“The experience not only made our players better, it also helped our coaching staff to become better coaches in the system, and the money spent on the camp gave us far better returns than taking the staff to a clinic. We learned how to effectively implement all aspects of the Flexbone offense and how to incorporate meaningful reps in practice. Our offensive production increased from 18 points per game in 2010 to 31 points per game in 2011. I highly recommend the camp for anyone that is looking to become more proficient in running this offense.”

–Chris Collins, Lakewood (SC) Head Coach, started the season 5-0 for the first time in school history, broke the school record for wins in a season (8), and made the playoffs after their camp with Dr. Cella.

Read more Triple Option Football Academy Camp testimonials here.

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The Big Idea

If you’re a football coach, then you probably have Offensive Linemen who struggle to block Defensive Linemen.  You’ve tried zone blocking, down blocking, trapping, and by the time you’ve done all this, it’s 3rd and 10.

It’s frustrating to have all these hopes and dreams stuck on a group of kids who aren’t physically able to do what you need them to do.  As a coach, you want to run the ball.  You know that running the ball is the best way to move the ball and score points at the high school level.

While you may WANT a dominant running game, you can’t get it today.  Yet the demand for a superior running game is enormous and there is no disagreement among football experts.  If you could possess a crushing running attack, you would have a large and fast-growing football program and win a lot of games.

Navy has been in FBS bowl games 12 out of the last 13 seasons with zero (0) FBS scholarship football players and they destroy people running the football with a 330 yard/game average over the last three seasons.

Navy’s Offense is the Triple Option Offense and this offense is about running the football while canceling defensive linemen from ever making the tackle. 

The Triple Option Football Academy shows you how to execute the Triple Option Offense the same way Navy players learn the offense.  Your players and coaches learn the offense the right way the first time.

Triple Option Football Academy Camps

The Triple Option Football Academy is the leading instructional source for the authentic Triple Option Offense utilized by Georgia Tech, Navy, Army, Air Force, the Citadel, Jacksonville, and Kennesaw State.

Through this three-day camp, you can bring together your players and coaches to develop techniques and construct an offense which leads the high-performance football environment.

As Dr. Cella arrives right at the client’s high school, these three-day camps launch and expand new knowledge for players and coaches.

Camps are run at high schools all throughout the United States this spring and summer.

All coaches receive the Triple Option Football Academy with Dr. Cella prior to the start of the three-day camp.

University High

Triple Option Football Academy Three-Day Camp Schedule

Here’s what is done with players and assistant coaches at your Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella:

Day 1- Triple Option (4 hours plus staff meeting afterwards).

Day 2- Rocket Toss and Pass Offense (4 hours plus staff meeting afterwards).

Day 3- Zone Option, Midline (all variations), Counter Option, and Short Yardage/Goal-line (4 hours).

Triple Option Football Academy Daily Camp Schedule

  1. QB/B-Back Indy 
  2. A-Back Indy 
  3. Receiver Indy 
  4. Skill Position Indy 
  5. Offensive Line Indy 
  6. Team Takeoffs
  7. Bullets
  8. Q & A with Dr. Cella

 If you live in the Eastern or Central Time Zones*, Dr. Cella brings the Triple Option Football Academy Camp to you for just $2770.

Call to schedule your 2016 Triple Option Football Academy Camp today–570.332.0265.

*Camps within 1,500 miles of New York City are included.  Outside of this region, camps are $3,770.