Flexbone and Triple Option Football: Your Investment Separates You from Everybody Else

1. Coaches must implement a proactive approach to all areas of the offense:

Quarterbacks Coach- Demand accurate reads on #1 and #2 every, single play.

B-Backs Coach- Demands that the action key is read accurately on every play.

A-Backs Coach- Demands accurate identification and finish on #3 while demanding accurate and parallel pitch route from his other A-Back.

Wide Receivers Coach- Demands an accurate finish on the near deep defender while demanding an accurate cutoff on the backside corner every play.

Centers/Guards Coach- Demands accurate scoop, base, or ace on every play.

Tackles Coach- Demands accurate veer and scoop on every play.

Every player is expected to put maximum effort into the program.


2. “It’s not your choice!” – Flexbone and Triple Option football demand:

Players finish drills and players hustle whenever they are on a football field.

It is not your decision as a player or coach to go hard.


3. Reward on-field performance and achievement.

Those players and coaches who perform and achieve on the field are treated better than the others.


The above determines your status in the program. Players and coaches must be invested in the Flexbone and the triple option.


The Big Idea in 171 Words

Here’s the problem.  If you can’t block defensive linemen, you’ll never move the ball, you’ll never score points, and you’ll never win a game.

 You need to understand why this disconnect occurs to overcome it and win.


“I know many coaches would rather install an offense the traditional way by researching it, visiting colleges that run the offense, and then picking coaches for information.

I have used that same strategy, and I know that it takes about three years to really gain an understanding of the offense and get players to execute it at a high level.

Consequently, in the research method, you do

–Dr. Jimmy Woods, Head Football Coach, Timmonsville High School.

Went from 1-9 (2010) to the state semifinals (2011) in one year after their three-day camp with Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Lou Cella.