Who Says the Triple Option Isn’t a Great Passing Offense? Destroying One-High Safety Coverage with Four Verticals

The advantage of the Triple Option is that the super majority of high school defenses align with one high safety or less.

This puts the defense in an awkward position.

What if the Offense releases four receivers down the field?

Who does the free safety cover?

In the Four Verticals concept, it’s pretty simple.

If the safety stays in the middle of the field, nobody covers #2 on the vertical.

If the safety moves outside the middle of the field, #3 runs the post.

This concept is the concept that makes defenses stop sacrificing pass coverage for run support versus the Triple Option.

Vert Rules

PR, BR- Fade

MPA- Vert

PA- Vert-Post (at seven yards if the middle of the field is open)

OL- Slide Away from call

QB- Five-Step Drop (Vert to #2 if Middle of Field Closed-Post to #3 if Middle of Field Open)

B- Veer Path, Block 1st threat off PT



So when all these teams align with one or no high safeties (which is the super majority), utilize four verticals out of trips to eliminate run support.