Triple Option Football Coaching: Utilizing the “Freeze” Concept to Double Count the Defense

Double counting a defense is something that has exponentially grown by college offenses over the last five years.

By utilizing a double count, the defense reveals what they are going to do, the offense can check with their coaches on the new play based on the defense’s declare, and then the offense can run a new play.

The “Freeze” (also called “Rewind” by Georgia Tech and Navy) is especially useful versus stemming defenses.

Here is an example after Freeze Right is called:

Defense aligns like this…

aligns as a 43 defense

The Right A-Back freezes the defenses by running his pitch route, freezing, getting behind the guard, and realigning in the original spot.

freeze in action

The Quarterback sees the movement, defaults the play to Midline Lead Left, and restarts his cadence.


The Defense has NO chance with the “Freeze” call.  They can’t win!