Triple Option Football Alignment and Stance Directory

Offensive Line

  1. Guards are more than one yard from the Center, Tackles are more than one yard from the guards.
  2. Hands at heels of Center.
  3. Left Tackle/Left Guard- Right handed stance, inside foot back.
  4. Right Guard/Right Tackle- Left handed stance, inside foot back.
  5. Center- Four point stance, dominant thumb on laces, feet back as deep as possible.

Wide Receivers

  1. 12 yard split from Offensive Tackle.
  2. Align on line of scrimmage.
  3. Inside foot up, outside foot as deep as possible.


  1. One yard behind Offensive Tackle.
  2. Align inside foot on Offensive Tackle’s outside foot.
  3. Inside foot back; hands on hips.


  1. Align with ability to get to the point as point emerges.
  2. Four to a three point stance; dominant hand down.
  3. Backside toes curled.


  1. Directly behind Center.
  2. Balanced feet.
  3. Dominant hand directly under Center’s groin.
  4. Other hand four inches underneath dominant hand.