Triple Option Football Coaching: The A-Back’s Lead Path on Midline Lead

On Midline Lead, the Backside A-back needs to come over from the backside to the playside in order to serve as the extra blocker and lead the way for the Quarterback.

He does this during the cadence.


1- The cadence is Down, Ready, Sethut (ball snapped on “S” of sethut)


2- The A-back leaves on the Down by hammer stepping with his inside foot, and then driving his outside foot pointing in a direction five yards behind the Quarterback.


3- He runs to get five yards behind the Quarterback by the “S” in sethut.


4- On the “S” in sethut, the Playside A-back steps with his playside foot through the inside leg of the Playside Tackle and runs through the inside leg of the Playside Tackle as fast as he can.


5- The Playside A-Back will block any 2nd level defender who shows in that gap.  If nobody does, he will continue running and block the near safety.  He does not have to win any leverage points.  The goal is a tremendous collision.


This is how the extra blocker is brought to the Playside on Midline–this is required vs. a 3-technique and a playside safety.



The Big Idea in 171 Words

Here’s the problem.  If you can’t block defensive linemen, you’ll never move the ball, you’ll never score points, and you’ll never win a game.

You need to understand why this disconnect occurs to overcome it and win.


“I know many coaches would rather install an offense the traditional way by researching it, visiting colleges that run the offense, and then picking coaches for information.

I have used that same strategy, and I know that it takes about three years to really gain an understanding of the offense and get players to execute it at a high level.

Consequently, in the research method, you do not have any collaboration with experts that are readily available when questions arise or resources that have consistency.

We wanted to give our players an offense that they could be successful with immediately.

We also concluded that by the time we visited colleges, bought DVDs, playbooks, and sent players to college camps to gain skills, we would have invested many times the cost of the camp.”


– Dr. Jimmy Woods, Head Football Coach, Timmonsville High School.

Went from 1-9 (2010) to the state semifinals (2011) in one year after their three-day camp with Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Lou Cella.


Here’s the solution.  The Triple Option Football Academy System.

For $997, clients receive the following plan to win:

Also, the Triple Option Football Academy clients receive the opportunity to host a three-day camp at their school—for only $1997.



Before the 2010 season, Falls City HS (TX) had never won a regional championship in school history.

In 2010, after running a camp with Lou Cella as Camp Director, Falls City HS (TX) won the Regional and State Championship for the first time in school history in Texas while scoring 680 points in 15 games.


“The biggest thing for us is that it gave our kids the opportunity to work together in our offensive system before the season started–the techniques and fundamentals they learned was so big, so was the team bonding, and so was having an outside source (Lou Cella) teaching them–this was invaluable.”

– Mark Kirchhoff, Head Football Coach


After running a camp with Lou Cella as Camp Director, Bayfield HS (CO) had an undefeated regular season for the first time since 1996 and advanced to the state championship game in Colorado.


“We were looking to take that next step, and felt that a camp might be just what the doctor ordered. We were not disappointed. We were already committed to the triple option, but the camp brought a much higher level of focus and understanding to our team, both players and coaches. Now when we tell our kids to ‘trust the system’ they know what we’re talking about.”

– Marshall Hahn, Head Football Coach


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