Utilizing the 80-20 Rule to Improve Video Analysis of Your Triple Option Offense

The average high school football game consists of 48 plays.

The 80-20 rule states that 80% of outcomes can be attributed to 20% of the causes for a given event. In football, the 80-20 rule is used to help coaches identify problems and determine which operating factors are most important and should receive the most attention based on an efficient use of resources. Resources should be allocated to addressing the input factors have the most effect on a football program’s final results.

The following is an example of the spreadsheet utilized for video analysis.  Each position coach watches his players to evaluate where or not the player’s alignment, assignment, or technique was accurate on that play.  Then, coaches know the areas on which to focus the following week.  By watching the worst 10 plays and accordingly focusing attention on correction these errors, over 80 percent of the issues are solved.


Bottom 10 Plays   Result of bottom 10   Minuses on Play
Play 44- Triple Right Loss of seven Quarterback, Backside A, Playside Tackle
Play 28- Triple Pass Left Loss of five Quarterback, Backside Guard, Backside Tackle, B-Back
Play 24- Rocket Toss Right Loss of four Playside Tackle, Playside Receiver
Play 27- Heavy Right, Follow Right Loss of three Center, B-Back
Play 5- Over Left, Rocket Toss Left Loss of three Playside Guard, Playside Receiver, Quarterback
Play 32- Triple Right (defaulted to Midline Lead Right) Loss of two Playside Guard, Quarterback, B-Back
Play 11- Trips Right, Vert Right Loss of one Backside Guard, Backside Tackle, B-Back
Play 43- Zone Right No gain B-Back, Playside Tackle, Backside Guard, Backside Receiver
Play 21- Triple Left No gain Playside Tackle, B-Back, Playside Receiver, Backside Tackle
Play 16- Counter Option Right Gain of one Playside Tackle, Quarterback, Center, Backside A-Back

By watching the 10 least productive plays on a game film (the least productive 20 percent) and correcting the errors of all faulty alignments, assignments, and techniques, over 80 percent of the problems are corrected.

Utilize the 80-20 rule to analyze your program’s Triple Option Offense and spend more time on other aspects of life.  Watching video is a tiring process.  Fix your problems with the 80-20 rule.