Four Issues that Prevent Progress when Running the Triple Option Program

Issue #1: Idolizing ONE Assistant Coach

Issue #2: Overlooking the Problem-Solving Conditions

Much of the time, we are quick to jump to tactical problem solving without fully reflecting on whether the conditions for it are put in place. Tackling the groundwork of problem solving can ensure that you go about diagnosing and resourcing the problem effectively.

Issue #3: Problems Are Not Packaged For Change

One of the greatest difficulties in making change is feeling overwhelmed by the problem you are trying to solve. Problems may seem too big to take on. As a result, many coaches can feel paralyzed with little possibility for making a difference. In contrast, successful coaches are able to break problems into manageable chunks. Once you identify something about an issue that is moveable or changeable then you can actually begin to make progress.

Issue #4: Learning Is One-to-One

How do we learn to be change makers? Much of the art of change making involves soft skills that we absorb from others that model or demonstrate change making behaviors. This means that learning opportunities are limited by one-to-one interactions and by exposure to other change makers. Compared to traditional fields like entrepreneurship, where there are plentiful resources for training, the practice of change making is still far from being widespread.