The Sports Science of Triple Option Football

The following is the Sports Science of Triple Option Football.  This is a  list of all the physical techniques that must be practiced, analyzed, and practiced again.


Quarterback B-Back A-Back Receiver Center Guard Tackle
Triple Steps Veer Path Arc Near Deep Veer Base Veer
Mid Steps Mid Path Load Cutoff Ace Ace Base
Follow Steps Pass Path Twirl Vert Slide Veer Scoop
Pass Steps #3 Pitch Skinny Base Slide Fan
Counter Steps Sprint Path Vert Drag Down Deucecom Slide
Zone Steps   Wheel Fade Scoop Down Deucecom
Toss Steps   Pitch-Kick Flash Gate Superscoop Superscoop
Vert Steps   Toss Path     Scoop Gate
Sprint Steps   Option     Gate  

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