Three Ways the Triple Option Head Coach Serves as an Educator

Three Ways the Triple Option Head Coach Serves as an Educator

1. Utilize specific terms.

Care about the specific terms you are utilizing.  Terms such as Scoop, Deep Defender, #3, Ace, Read #1, Pitch #2 are more than just words.  These terms must be clearly defined.

2. Be brief by teaching each term within a progression.

Possess a step-by-step process to teach each term.  Utilize visual and video aids to teach the significance of each term.  Quickly install the terms and get players to drill and execute based on the terms.  

3. More detail = more control.  

When the head coach choreographs each foot step of each assignment, the head coach gains control of his players and assistant coaches as he is demonstrating that offensive football is going to be played accurately and correctly.   The buck always stops with the Triple Option Head Coach.


About the Author

Two State Semifinalists, A State Finalist, and a State Champion in Texas have Come out of Dr. Cella’s Triple Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Lou CellaOption Football System Over the Last Four Years

Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Dr. Lou Cella, is a Sports Performance Specialist, and a 19-year coaching veteran of the college and high school level.

Over the last four years, Dr. Cella assisted in the turnaround of numerous high school football programs through his triple option-based camp system. Just months after Dr. Cella served as camp director,Cashmere (WA) and Timmonsville (SC) went to the state semifinals, Bayfield (CO) went to the state championship game, and Falls City (TX) won their first regional and first state championship in school history.

In addition, Hereford (MD), Johnson (NJ), Lakewood (SC), Petaluma (CA), Piedra Vista (NM), Poland (ME), Riverwood (GA), San Benito (CA), Seminole County (GA), and Temple City (CA)posted drastic turnarounds just months after Dr. Cella served as their camp director.

Dr. Cella is currently conducting empirical research entitled “Utilizing the 80-20 Rule to Improve Football Coaching Performance.” He possesses four degrees with an A.S. in Education, a B.S. in English, a M.Ed in Information Technology, and a Psy.D in Psychology, Sport Performance Psychology (2014).

Both the American Football Sports Science-Mental Conditioning Academy and the Triple Option Football Academy are governed by AFSSMCA, LLC.  At the heart of the American Football Sports Science-Mental Conditioning Academy (AFSSMCA) and the Triple Option Football Academy is the mission to lead the high-performance football environment through sports science and mental conditioning coaching practices.