Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella

Flexbone Offense -- Triple Option Football Academy

Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella
If you are a high school football coach, the Triple Option Football Academy can support the development of your players and coaches. Through this three-day camp, you can bring together your players and coaches to develop techniques and construct an offense which can be utilized for the rest of the coach’s career.
While each three-day camp is unique, camps are all designed to help support the coach’s effort to lead the high-performance football environment. Many successful camps with Dr. Cella have led to immediate success. All three-day camps benefit from Dr. Cella’s instruction, which means that you can concentrate on your content without having to worry about the logistics.  
Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella bring together players and coaches from a high school football program to develop the techniques and fundamentals necessary to execute the Triple Option Offense. As Dr. Cella…

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