How to Mentally Condition Your Athletes with the Triple Option Offense

Triple Option Football Academy

In order to mentally condition your athletes with the Triple Option Offense, there is a six-part process.

1- Teamwork

This is where all 11 players simultaneously technique their assignment.

2- Anticipation

This is where players envision the worst-case scenario from the defense before the ball has been snapped.

3- Motivation

Unless a lot of players feel good about what they’re doing technique-wise, then THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE MOTIVATION.

4- Leadership

Those players who take information from coaches and communicate this information through physical action are the best leaders.

5- Competitiveness

These are the players who climb the mountain and these are the players whose physical technique gets good fast.

6- Character

The urgency of the player’s technique on the backside of the play tells you everything you need to know about a player’s character.

This is how you mentally condition athletes with the Triple Option.  Once you become a Triple…

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