Have Dr. Cella Teach and Install All the Fundamentals, Schemes, and Blocking Rules for All 11 Positions of the Triple Option

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The Big Idea

If you’re a football coach, then you probably have Offensive Linemen who struggle to block Defensive Linemen.  You’ve tried zone blocking, down blocking, trapping, and by the time you’ve done all this, it’s 3rd and 10.

It’s frustrating to have all these hopes and dreams stuck on a group of kids who aren’t physically able to do what you need them to do.  As a coach, you want to run the ball.  You know that running the ball is the best way to move the ball and score points at the high school level.

While you may WANT a dominant running game, you can’t get it today.  Yet the demand for a superior running game is enormous and there is no disagreement among football experts.  If you could possess a crushing running attack, you would have a large and fast-growing football program and win a lot of games.

Navy has been in FBS bowl games 12 out of the last 13 seasons with zero (0) FBS scholarship football players and they destroy people running the football with a 330 yard/game average over the last three seasons.

Navy’s Offense is the Triple Option Offense and this offense is about running the football while canceling defensive linemen from ever making the tackle.

The Triple Option Football Academy shows you how to execute the Triple Option Offense the same way Navy players learn the offense.  Your players and coaches learn the offense the right way the first time.

Triple Option Football Academy Camps

The Triple Option Football Academy is the leading instructional source for the authentic Triple Option Offense utilized by Georgia Tech, Navy, Army, Air Force, the Citadel, Jacksonville, and Kennesaw State.

Through this three-day camp, you can bring together your players and coaches to develop techniques and construct an offense which leads the high-performance football environment.

As Dr. Cella arrives right at the client’s high school, these three-day camps launch and expand new knowledge for players and coaches.

Camps are run at high schools all throughout the United States this spring and summer.

All coaches receive the Triple Option Football Academy with Dr. Cella prior to the start of the three-day camp.

University High

Triple Option Football Academy Three-Day Camp Schedule

Here’s what is done with players and assistant coaches at your Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella:

Day 1- Triple Option (4 hours plus staff meeting afterwards).

Day 2- Rocket Toss and Pass Offense (4 hours plus staff meeting afterwards).

Day 3- Zone Option, Midline (all variations), Counter Option, and Short Yardage/Goal-line (4 hours).

Triple Option Football Academy Daily Camp Schedule

  1. QB/B-Back Indy
  2. A-Back Indy
  3. Receiver Indy
  4. Skill Position Indy
  5. Offensive Line Indy
  6. Team Takeoffs
  7. Bullets
  8. Q & A with Dr. Cella

If you live in the Eastern or Central Time Zones*, Dr. Cella brings the Triple Option Football Academy AND Triple Option Football Academy Camp to you for just $2770.

Call to schedule your 2016 Triple Option Football Academy Camp today–570.332.0265.

*Camps within 1,500 miles of New York City are included.  Outside of this region, camps are $3,770.