Beating Cover 2 with the Triple Pass

1. Triple Pass is utilized when #1 takes the B-Back and the offense cannot get four yards on the pull/pitch.

2. Due to the fact that #1 is taking the B-Back, the ball now enters the perimeter, and the secondary has to come up to run support.

3. Versus Cover 2, the Corner is the run support player and is going to attempt to thwart the pitch.

4. Once this occurs, throw the ball over the top of the secondary with Triple Pass.

This concept is instructed on Day 2 of Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella and is covered in detail in the Triple Option Football Academy.

Here are the rules on Triple Pass:

Playside Receiver- Vertical to Skinny Post

Playside A- Vertical to Wheel

Offensive Line- Slide away from call

Backside Receiver- 17-yard drag

Backside A- Pitch-Kick 1st threat off B-Back

B- Dive Path-Kick 1st threat off Playside Tackle

Quarterback- Fake Triple, five-step drop, throw ball over Safety’s head UNLESS safety bails at snap–if so, throw the ball to the outside route.

Triple Pass v. 4-3 Cover 2 Versus TWO safety defenses, the Playside Receiver runs a SKINNY POST and the Playside A runs a WHEEL. The Quarterback stares down the safety from the time he gets out of the huddle and throws over the safety's head UNLESS the safety backpedals at the snap--if so, the Quarterback throws the ball into the lawn (Playside A). The Offensive Line slides away from the call, the B-back blocks the 1st threat off the Playside Tackle and the Backside A runs the pitch route and kicks out the first threat off the B. The Backside Receiver runs a 17-yard drag.