Dr. Cella Describes the Role of Each Player in Executing Triple Option versus the 50 Defense

In this podcast episode, Dr. Cella describes what each player does with his assignment and technique versus the 50/3-4/5-2/Okie defense.  The description is broken into three components: 1. Perimeter Blocking; 2. Offensive Line Blocking; 3. The Triple Option.  Dr. Cella covers the situations that can occur and teaches you how to execute the Triple Option the right way the first time.  

The podcast can be found right here.

Triple v. 3-4 PR- Deep Defender PA- 3 PT- Veer PG- Base to Ace C- Scoop to Ace BG/BT- Scoop BA- Pitch BR- Cutoff Q- Veer 1, Pitch 2 B- Veer Path