Offensive Line Blocking on the Rocket and B-Back Toss

In this six-minute podcast episode, Dr. Cella discusses modern-day blocking of the Rocket and B-Back Toss.  The Rocket and B-Back Toss is run when the Triple Option is executed for a gain of <4 yards on a give to the B-Back.  When the defense forces the Triple Option inside, the offense must get the ball to the outside.  The Rocket and B-Back Toss gets the ball wide and to the outside.  This puts pressure on the defense to play the Triple Option differently, or get gashed by the Rocket and B-Back Toss.  Rocket and B-Back Toss blocking is provided for all five Offensive Line positions by Dr. Cella.

The podcast can be heard right here.

B-Back Toss v. 4-3