The Rise of the B-Back Toss

Triple Option Football Academy

OVER THE LAST TWO SEASONS, Navy and Georgia Tech have increased the frequency that they are running the B-Back Toss.  This concept has been helpful to both of these Triple Option college programs. The reason why is that the B-Back Toss occurs at the same width as the Rocket Toss and by tossing the ball to the B-Back, there is no motion that leads the defense to the play.  This column focuses on the rise of the B-Back Toss, why you are going to see this concept more in 2016, and why you could incorporate this concept into your Triple Option Offense.


BAINBRIDGE ISLAND (WA) — I just got done running my second Triple Option Football Academy Camp of the summer (yes, I know it’s still spring) and I’m sitting down with the coaching staff at Bainbridge High School.  Jeff Rouser, Bainbridge’s recently hired Head Football Coach is sitting down with me and…

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