75% of Your Triple Option Offense Practice Time is Spent on…

The average high school football game consists of 48 offensive plays, 48 defensive plays, and 24 special teams plays.

The Triple Option is your offense and this is worth 50% of your offensive practice time in order to execute the offense the right way the first time.


According to Arizona Cardinals’ Offensive Line Coach, Larry Zierlein and his two year NFL Run Study, an offense must run the same play at least four times/game for the play to be statistically effective.

When the Triple Option is run and the result is a gain of less than four yards on the dive to the B-Back, the answer is to get the ball outside.  Navy’s answers are the Zone Option and the Toss (B and Rocket).

Zone Option versus Triple Stack Defense. The Playside A-Back blocks #2 when #3 is on the Line of Scrimmage. Also, the B-Back has Mike to Free Safety, and often versus a Triple Stack, he will end up on the Free Safety as the Free Safety has a better angle than the Mike to make the tackle on Zone Option.B-Back Toss v. 4-3

When the Triple Option is run and the result is a gain of less than four yards on the keep or the pitch, the answer is to vertically throw because the defense has sacrificed pass coverage for run support in order to play the perimeter.  Navy, Georgia Tech, and the Citadel answer this by executing the Triple Pass.

Triple Pass versus 4-3 Cloud. Playside Receiver- Vert-Skinny (playside safety) Playside A- Vert-Wheel (playside safety) OL- Slide Away BA- Pitch-Kick BR- 17-yard drag Q- Triple Pass Steps B- Veer Path-Block 1st threat off PT

Zone Option, Toss (B and Rocket), and Triple Pass must be executed at least four times/game for these concepts to be statistically effective and this equals 12 plays.  This is 25% of the high school offense.

So far 75% of the Triple Option Offense has been allocated to the Triple Option, Zone Option, Toss, and Triple Pass.

The other 25% is dedicated to Short Yardage/Goal-line and 3rd and long situations.

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