Navy’s 2015 Triple Option Offense: Part One of a Quantitative Study

Triple Option Football Academy


This is the first of a four-part study on Navy’s 2015 Triple Option Offense.  The data derived from this study is based on Navy’s play selection during all games during the 2015 season.  You will learn what Navy actually does to execute their Triple Option Offense, and what created Navy’s best season in 53 years.


Navy versus Colgate

Navy (48) v. Colgate (10)

Navy Total Plays- 54

Notes: 59% of Offense v. Colgate was Triple Option, Belly, and Trap.


Navy versus East Carolina

Navy won 45-21

Versus East Carolina- Notes: 72% of offense was Triple, Zone Dive, Zone Option, Midline Triple, and Down

Neither Georgia Tech nor Navy ran any variation of Midline in three total games; however, Navy ran Midline variations 12/81 total plays v. East Carolina (15% of offense).


On Misdirection

In Navy’s win versus Colgate (2015), 6 of the 54 plays they ran were classified as misdirection…

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