Navy’s 2015 Triple Option Offense: Part Four of a Quantitative Study

Triple Option Football Academy

This is the final edition of a four-part study on Navy’s 2015 Triple Option Offense.  The data derived from this study is based on Navy’s play selection during all games during the 2015 season.  You will learn what Navy actually does to execute their Triple Option Offense, and what created Navy’s best season in 53 years.  To read Part Three, go here.

Navy versus Army

Navy beat Army 21-17.

Total Plays- 54Triple Option- 8/54 (15% of offense)Zone Option- 8/54 (15% of offense)Zone Dive- 7/54 (13% of offense)Dropback Pass- 6/54 (11% of offense)Outside Veer Give- 4/54 (7% of offense)

What Navy Does When #1 Cancels the B-Back

In the 2015 Military Bowl win vs. Pitt, Navy did three things when #1 cancelled the B-Back.

1. They ran Zone Dive v. 4-3 when the Mike ran over the top to take the pitch.

Zone Dive. PR- Deep Defender PA- Fold PT- Base PG- Base to Ace C- Veer to Ace BG/BT- Scoop BA- Pitch BR- Cutoff Q- Veer Steps--Give B- Veer PathZone Dive.
PR- Deep Defender
PA- Fold
PT- Base
PG- Base…

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