Dr. Cella’s Triple Option Practice Methodology: Part One

Triple Option Football Academy

Nothing is more distinctive in the Dr. Cella-lead program than the practices, which are fast and uniquely structured into alternating individual and team periods. Loud music blares throughout so that players get a taste of the excitement and confusion of a game, and so they don’t get used to communicating with their voice—which is non-vital in game situations.

Everything is done to mirror the way the game is to happen.  The team runs as many plays as possible.  Each Offensive starter runs 96 live concepts in 32 minutes.  Many of the practices, especially during training camp involve the second and third teamers executing 96 live concepts in 32 minutes.

We do not condition at the end of practice as we functionally condition during practice.  In an eight-minute individual period we get 48 live repetitions among the first, second, and third team.

Dr. Cella retired from coaching high school and college…

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