Learn How Georgia Tech beat Boston College with Heavy Right, B-Back Toss Left

Georgia Tech beat Boston College on Saturday in Dublin, Ireland (9/3/16) by a score of 17-14.  

They scored the winning touchdown with :35 to go on a play called Heavy Right, 59B.  This is known as the B-Back Toss, which has become a staple in Navy and Georgia Tech’s offense over the last few years.  

The ball is tossed to the B-Back at the same spot as the Rocket Toss (one yard outside the Tackle).  B-Back Toss is a great play because, unlike the Rocket, the defense does not know where the play is going until the ball is snapped.  

At Dr. Cella’s Triple Option Football Academy Camps this summer, every coach said that the B-Back Toss was their favorite constraint concept.

Here’s what Georgia Tech did to beat Boston College.



When Georgia Tech (and Navy) get into Heavy, both Tackles align to the call side and the Receiver away from the call side aligns as the Tackle away from the call side.  Georgia Tech ran this away from the Heavy side because they had a 1/2 man advantage (seven defenders were on the Heavy side while four defenders were away from the Heavy side).  For the defense to become balanced against Heavy, they would have 6 1/2 defenders to the Heavy side and 4 1/2 defenders away from the Heavy side.  The alignments of the defense dictated they were playing Cover 0 versus Heavy (man-to-man coverage).

The Playside Receiver (or Tackle) veers playside and has Mike to Free Safety.  Since he was uncovered, he simply stepped with his playside foot and got there.  The Playside A had the key block, which was on the alley defender.  Not only did the Playside A win the leverage battle, but he knocked the alley player back far enough to allow the B-Back to surge into the end zone.  The Playside Guard has the alley; however, his get-off was not good and the 3-technique actually knocked him back for a step.  If you look at the Center, the effort he gave to scoop the shade was outstanding.

The Quarterback takes a six-inch punch step with his left foot, pivots at 135 degrees, and pitches the ball on the third step.  Just before the cadence, the B-Back steps at 90 degrees, runs one yard outside the tackle, catches the pitch, hits the seam and scores.

You can watch the game winning B-Back Toss right here at the 1:12 mark!

Georgia Tech and Navy run the B-Back Toss when they must get the ball outside.  In this case, they tossed the ball away from the Heavy side, because they had a 1/2 man advantage.  The successful execution of the play allowed Georgia Tech to beat Boston College and achieve their first win of 2016.

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