How Navy’s Triple Option Offense Beat #6 Ranked Houston (10/8/16)

Navy has zero scholarship football players and defeated the #6 ranked football team in the country (Houston).  Here’s a breakdown of what they did with their Triple Option Offense:
Navy vs Houston
Final – 10/8/16
Jack Stephens Field at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Annapolis, Maryland

Triple Option Offensive Breakdown

Total Plays- 64

Midline Triple- 12/64 (19% of offense)

Counter Option- 10/64 (16% of offense)

Triple Option- 8/64 (13% of offense)

Zone Option- 7/64 (11% of offense)

Zone Option Block- 7/64 (11% of offense)

Belly Option- 6/64 (9% of offense)

Other Plays: Speed Option- 2, Rocket Boot Pass- 1, B-Back Toss- 1, Triple Pass Backside- 1, Dropback Pass- 1, Sprint Pass- 1, Triple Block- 3, B-Back Toss Pass- 1, Triple Pass- 1, Rocket- 1, Belly- 1

Notes:  79% of Navy’s Offense versus Houston was Midline Triple, Counter Option, Triple Option, Zone Option/Zone Option Block, and Belly Option.

Midline Triple and Counter Option were executed more frequently than Triple Option versus Houston.

Zone Option and variations consisted of 22% of the offense versus Houston.