Navy’s First Touchdown versus Houston (2016)–Speed Option Away from Motion

Navy’s first score on Saturday (October 8) was Speed Option away from motion.  This is a concept that Navy has not utilized very often since Ivin Jasper became full-time Offensive Coordinator in 2008.


Houston was aligned in an Eagle Defense with a Mike and a Spyback behind the Mike.  They were playing Press Man coverage.  Navy’s Playside Receiver blocked the Near Deep Defender which was the Safety.  They didn’t care about the Corner because the Corner ran with the Receiver.  The Playside A-Back motioned away from the play to occupy the Safety who had to play man on him.  Navy’s Offensive Line had the same blocking rules as Triple Option.  The Backside A and Receiver had cutoff-across field responsibility. 

Navy’s Quarterback and B-Back were responsible for cancelling #1.  The Quarterback would score unless #1 took the Quarterback and if so… the Quarterback pitched the ball to the B.  This is what occurred and this resulted in a score.  

Here is the video of the play run at the :17 mark.

This is the start of how Navy beat #6 ranked Houston on Saturday (October 8, 2016).

Win Big With a Small Offensive Line

In 2015, Navy’s Starting Offensive Line averaged 275 pounds/player.

2015 National Champion, The University of Alabama’s Offensive Line averaged 315 pounds/player.  

Navy’s 2015 Rushing Offense averaged 326 yards/game.

Alabama’s 2015 Rushing Offense averaged 199 yards/game.

Navy finished at 11-2 and had their best final record since 1963.  They did all this with a 275 pound Offensive Line and the Triple Option Offense.

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