Here’s How Navy Ran Midline Triple Option Nine Times versus UConn’s 50 Defense (2016)

Triple Option Football Academy

After two games, Midline Triple Option is Navy’s #2 concept of 2016.

They run a variation of Midline Triple Option called ZOOM.  Zoom is when the Playside A-Back twirls and on the fourth step he dropsteps, crosses over, runs, and is responsible for #3 (run support).  

Against a 50 Defense, Navy does this so that the B-Back can make the Noseguard wrong.  The Center bases the Nose and the B-Back is running the Midline then taking the ball to the Playside leg of the Guard UNLESS the Nose slants playside.  If so, the B-Back stays on the Midline and makes the Noseguard wrong.

Here is exactly what Navy did to UConn’s 50 Defense with Zoom (Midline Triple):


The perimeter is blocked the same as Triple except the Playside A-Back twirls to block the Run Support (#3).

As this occurs, the Playside Tackle and Guard are responsible for the Mike…

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