You Can Throw Four Verticals in the Triple Option Offense… Just Like Those “Spread” Teams Do

Triple Option Football Academy

You don’t need to wear a visor and vote Democrat to throw Four Verticals.

When executing Four Verticals in the Triple Option Offense, you blow the top off the coverage.

Just when the Secondary is focused on sacrificing pass coverage for run support… well, here you go.

On Four Verticals, the Receivers Fade to the sideline, the A-Back away from the call side runs up the field, and the Playside A-Back runs up the field UNLESS the middle of the field is open.  If so, he bends into the middle of the field once he gets 10 yards vertically up the field.

The Offensive Line slides away from the call, the B-Back slides to the call, and the Quarterback five-step drops and throws to the Playside A-Back UNLESS the Safety covers him.  If so, the ball is thrown to the Backside A-Back.

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