What is the Double Flex Formation in the Triple Option Offense?

Triple Option Football Academy

Double Flex is when the Receivers align two yards from the Playside Tackle with their outside foot up and their inside foot turned inside at a 45 degree angle.
The Double Flex formation is utilized to compress the formation, force the corner to become the run support player, and allows the offense to outflank the defense.  This is very helpful at the high school level as cut blocking is prohibited outside of the tackle box in 48 states (Texas and Massachusetts are the exceptions).

Double Flex. This formation is utilized to run Rocket better versus the blitz. Double Flex. This formation also helps the offense run Rocket better versus the blitz.

Two State Semifinalists, A State Finalist, and a State Champion in Texas have Come out of Dr. Cella’s Triple Option Football System In Four Years

Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Dr. Lou Cella, is a Sports Performance Specialist, and a 20-year coaching veteran of the college and high school level.  

Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Lou Cella

Dr. Cella…

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