How to Utilize the Freeze Concept to Run the Triple Option Offense

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Freeze is utilized when a defense is stemming, stunting, and blitzing in an effort to reveal themselves before the snap.

Once the defense reveals themselves, the Quarterback can put the offense in the best possible play. 

Freeze in ActionFreeze in Action

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Two State Semifinalists, A State Finalist, and a State Champion in Texas have Come out of Dr. Cella’s Triple Option Football System In Four Years

Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Dr. Lou Cella, is a Sports Performance Specialist, and a 20-year coaching veteran of theTriple Option Football Academy Owner, Lou Cellacollege and high school level.  

Dr. Cella assisted in the turnaround of numerous high school football programs through his triple option-based camp system. Just months after Dr. Cella served as camp director,Cashmere (WA) and Timmonsville (SC) went to the state semifinals, Bayfield (CO) went to the state championship game, and Falls City…

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