The Three Best Ways to Deal with Anti-Triple Option People

Triple Option Football Academy

If you are going to run the Triple Option, keep in mind that lots of fans won’t like it, because it’s different than what they see on Sundays.  

You’re dealing with a nation of fanatical, emotional people who believe everything that Phil Simms, Cris Collingsworth, and Mike Tirico tell them.

Here are the three best ways to deal with anti-Triple Option people:

1. Remember—it’s about them.

This is a bit of a cliche but it’s true. Behind every Anger is a fear.

Whoever hates, is also afraid of something. This doesn’t mean you say, “poor baby, he’s just afraid.” But it’s just worth noting.

Often people say, “oh, don’t worry, they are just jealous.” Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. We can never read their minds.

Something is going on in their lives that is bringing up a fear. And they indulge the fear by having an anger towards you…

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