Paul Johnson’s Three Key Passing Game Concepts off the Triple Option

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Triple Pass is utilized when the defense forces the Quarterback to pull and pitch the ball.  When the defense does this, whether they consciously realize this or not, they must utilize their safety and corner to play the Quarterback/Pitch in order to get an alley defender.  This means they have just sacrificed pass coverage for run support.  There are three concepts off the Triple that matter the most to Paul Johnson, and he articulated this in a clinic talk in Colorado.

1- Vertical (run against a middle-of-the-field safety)

Constraining the Single-High Safety with Triple Pass. PR- Vert-Skinny PA- Vert-Wheel OL- Slide Away BA- Pitch-Kick BR- Deep Drag Q- Veer Pass Steps B- Veer Path-Kick

2- Switch (this is built into the call when there is a playside safety)Triple Pass versus 4-3 Cloud. Playside Receiver- Vert-Skinny (playside safety) Playside A- Vert-Wheel (playside safety) OL- Slide Away BA- Pitch-Kick BR- 17-yard drag Q- Triple Pass Steps B- Veer Path-Block 1st threat off PT

3- Titan (this is an independent tag)Triple Pass Titan PR- eight-yard stop PA- Corner route OL- slide away BA- pitch-kick BR- post Q- Triple Pass Steps--throw corner to stop B- Veer Path-Kick

Utilize these concepts when the defense forces a pull/pitch as they have just sacrificed pass coverage for run support.

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