Navy Took a 20-3 Lead on Fordham After Running Heavy Slot Left, Midline Left

Triple Option Football Academy

Navy knew that if they went Heavy, they would get a 3-technique to the Heavy side.  Also, Navy knew that by taking the A-Back out into the slot, that they would remove the fold player on the Midline Double Option.  Once the 3-technique cancelled the B-Back, the Quarterback replaced the 3-technique and ran into the end zone.  This concept is called Heavy Slot Left, Midline Left.  Here is the diagram of Heavy Slot Left, Midline Left:



The perimeter stalks the defenders aligned on them.  Since the Midline Double Option is an A to a B-gap play, the flank is cancelled by alignment.  Both Playside Tackles (this is why the formation is called HEAVY) High Pressure Control the defender on them.  This means that they must cancel the inside half of the defender’s body on this block.  Navy base blocks when they High Pressure Control while Georgia Tech utilizes a…

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