Flexbone Triple Option Playbook: Utilizing Formations

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Flexbone Triple Option Playbook: Utilizing Formations

No longer is there a need to use formations for the sake of using formations.  This shows you how.

Coaches, here is how our Division-1 Flexbone schools call formations during the course of a game, and what you need to do as the play caller.

1. Find the Free Safety.  Is he inside the tackle box or outside the tackle box?

2. Find the number of linebackers inside the tackle box.

3. See if the defense has an odd or even number of defensive linemen.


4. Align in a balanced offensive set (ex. Spread) and see if the defense aligns in a balanced defensive alignment.

If the defense does not balance, attack where the defense has fewer numbers.

If the defense aligns balanced, attack where they have the angles on blocks, especially on the playside linebacker.

If the defense aligns balanced and there are…

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