Stop Blocking Defensive Linemen — and Start Winning 

When Navy runs the Triple Option versus a 50 and an odd stack defense, they’re only blocking ONE defensive lineman.


Triple Option versus 50 Defense—You don’t have to block those in white, they will always be wrong, and they cannot make the tackle.

Navy has won 45 games in the last 5 seasons.
They do this with ZERO football scholarships.

Many of Navy’s players join the military for the opportunity to play Division-1 Football. It’s the only way they can get the chance.

The Triple Option is the system that allows Navy to win 45 games in the last five years.

Dr. Lou Cella educates high school and college football coaches how to run Navy’s Triple Option Offense through his Triple Option Football Academy and his Triple Option Football Academy Camps.

The results of the Academy and Camp are found right here — testimonials.

If you want to stop blocking Defensive Linemen and start winning, call Dr. Cella @ 570.332.0265.