Triple Option Coaching: Ace Blocking v. 2i

Triple Option Football Academy

An Ace Block is a double team between the Center and the Guard.

This block is utilized on Triple Option when the action key is a shade, 2i, or 2 technique.

In this situation, the Center and Guard are Ace blocking a 2i technique.

Ace v. 2i

1. The Center and Guard both zone step (six-inch lateral and vertical step with the foot closest to the 2i).  In this case, the guard punches the 2i with his inside hand on the first step.  The punch should occur in the 2i’s stomach.  Any higher creates the ability for the 2i to crawl underneath the Ace.

2. The Center and Guard step with the opposite foot to regain their base, and the Guard verticallypounds his arches through the echo of the whistle.

3. The Center takes another zone step–once he invades the personal space of the 2i, he will punch his near hand and vertically…

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