Flexbone and Triple Option Football: Your Investment Separates You from Everybody Else

Triple Option Football Academy

1. Coaches must implement a proactive approach to all areas of the offense:

Quarterbacks Coach- Demand accurate reads on #1 and #2 every, single play.

B-Backs Coach- Demands that the action key is read accurately on every play.

A-Backs Coach- Demands accurate identification and finish on #3 while demanding accurate and parallel pitch route from his other A-Back.

Wide Receivers Coach- Demands an accurate finish on the near deep defender while demanding an accurate cutoff on the backside corner every play.

Centers/Guards Coach- Demands accurate scoop, base, or ace on every play.

Tackles Coach- Demands accurate veer and scoop on every play.

Every player is expected to put maximum effort into the program.


2. “It’s not your choice!” – Flexbone and Triple Option football demand:

Players finish drills and players hustle whenever they are on a football field.

It is not your decision as a player or coach to…

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