After Years of the Pajama-Boy Offense, Here Comes the Alpha-Male Offense

Football scholarships aren’t necessary to win Division-1 football games.  

The Under-Center Triple Option Offense creates a legacy of dominant, alpha males who win the game on the ground.  While many colleges choose to play “basketball on grass” Army, Navy, and the Citadel have developed dominant men of conviction who dominate the ground game and win.

The facts listed below are infallible:

2016 Breakdown of Army, Navy, and the Citadel
Football Scholarships
Average Offensive Lineman Size
Rushing Yards/Game
Under-Center Triple Option
270 lbs.
327 (#2 in FBS)
Best regular season since 1996.
Under-Center Triple Option
290 lbs.
311 (#4 in FBS)
Highest national ranking since 1963.
The Citadel
Under-Center Triple Option
Must join the ROTC to attend.
265 lbs.
348 (#1 in FBS)
First 10-0 start in 109-year football program history.

After years of the Pajama Boy Offense, here comes the Alpha-Male Offense.