Coach Paul Johnson on Offensive Line Splits in the Triple Option Offense

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According to Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Paul Johnson: When the Playside Tackle is able to Veer inside to the Mike Linebacker (vs. 1/2i/2 technique), the Tackle can oversplit.

This means that the Playside Tackle can continue to widen his split until two defenders jump into the B-gap.

Playside Tackle oversplit on Inside ReleasePlayside Tackle oversplit on Inside Release

Coach Johnson says that even when the defense puts one of the two defenders in the B-gap, one of the two defenders in the B-gap must take the B-Back or the defense is going to have real problems.  

In addition, Coach Johnson indicates that the Guards have the same 3 foot splits because the mesh point needs to be kept consistent for the Quarterback and B-Back.  There can be NO alteration with the Guards and their splits.

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