The Best Counter in Modern-Day Triple Option Football is Zoom (Midline Triple Option)

There isn’t a good counter in the Triple Option Offense.  

In fact, misdirection was about 10% of Navy’s 2015 offense.  

The purpose of counters is to keep the Will Linebacker from running to the ball.  Because of  the 3+ foot line splits in the Triple Option Offense, the rest of the backside can’t get to the ball.

Well, when Navy starting running the Zone Option in 2010, they kept the Will off the ball simply running so fast to the playside, that the Will could not get there.

Zone Option versus Triple Stack Defense. The Playside A-Back blocks #2 when #3 is on the Line of Scrimmage. Also, the B-Back has Mike to Free Safety, and often versus a Triple Stack, he will end up on the Free Safety as the Free Safety has a better angle than the Mike to make the tackle on Zone Option.

The best COUNTER Navy has run in 2016 is Zoom (Midline Triple Option).  


Here, the Playside A-Back twirls and blocks #3 (run support).

The Quarterback is responsible for #1 and #2 (counts from the Guard out).

The Playside Tackle and Guard have the Mike to the Free Safety.

Center and Backside Guard cancel the Action Key (first down lineman inside of #1).

Backside Tackle cancels the backside B-gap.

The Playside Receiver cancels the Deep Defender while the Backside Receiver cuts off the Backside Corner.

Then, the Triple Option takes control from there as the B-Back runs his Midline path, the Backside A-Back runs the pitch (leaves at snap), and the Quarterback cancels #1 and #2.

The twirl motion makes this the best Triple Option counter concept of 2016.

Coaches, don’t burden yourself with counters.  In the grand scheme of things, they’re severely overrated; however, if you’re going to run ONE, Zoom (Midline Triple Option) is the way to go.