Both Navy and Georgia Tech Ran This Last Weekend (9/3/16) Versus an Odd-Front Defense

Triple Option Football Academy

Navy and Georgia Tech saw odd-front defenses at various times throughout their games with Fordham and Boston College.  When #1 cancelled the B-Back on Triple, both Navy and Georgia Tech decided to block #1 and run outside with the B-Back on Outside Veer Give.  As both defenses forced Navy and Tech to go outside, Navy and Tech brought the ball back inside.  Here’s exactly how Navy and Tech do this:


The Playside Receiver cracks the Safety as he does not have to worry about the flank because there is no pitch phase.  With the Playside A and Tackle, they Trey (double team) #1, and if #1 slants inside (this is why you’re running this–remember he’s trying to cancel the dive), the Playside A breaks off the Trey and blocks the Mike running over the top.  If #1 goes in, you can bet the Mike is scraping over the top to…

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